I Got Depression from Acne

I think my acne got me depressed, I am not quite sure though if there is a word “acne depression”. I must check that.

Getting back to my depression of some sort. I remember I sort to avoiding people even my relatives. It is like I have this dark cloud hanging over me wherever I go. Waking up every it gets heavier and heavier.

I remember staring at my acne infested face, I would question my self-worth. Why is this happening to me? It feels like having nice clothes, no matter how new they are or how fashionable they are. It seems no value on it whenever I wore it because of my acne. Staring blankly on the windows, thinking deep is a frequent happening. I remember even going out to run errands strikes fear, but I have no choice but to go out cause my parents would kill me if I will not do the chore.

Having someone with the same case would be a great help I thought to myself. But where shall I find this friend that I need, I am desperate. Having this kind of emotion is taking a toll on me. It seems that the only friend I have is my phone, at least I get to talk to anyone without seeing my face.

 It may be weird as it sounds but my phone was my best friend. At least my phone is here with me, ready for me whenever I need it.

Years had passed, that I have outgrown my emotions and got a hold of myself, I have also a realization that things like my acne is naturally occurs to anyone, especially when you are teenager. You just need to be strong and have a nice shoulder to lean on, whether it is a real person or a thing.

I am glad I have surpassed it and I owe it big time to my phone.

Yeah, my phone. Thanks for the companionship!