My Acne Experience

Having acne is bad. It affects your confidence. I remember when I was a teenager. Having an eruption is the worst day of the year. It is like the end of the world. I am afraid of going to school having it. I remember I wore something that will cover it like a hoodie or something. It affected my confidence greatly. I am afraid to go out and connect to others. I am afraid to make friends. I am afraid to have a face to face conversation, thinking that they will just stare at my acne all the way not concentrating on the things I say.

It had a domino effect on my life. I would miss dance parties, gathering and get together thinking that I am not good enough because I have acne. It affected my studies also. I remember it was dreadful to be called out for a recitation by your teacher. I can’t stand in front of the class for a long time because of low self-esteem, but I must cause I have to do reporting. I remember I would bring a hanky covering my face as I report. Yes, it is not a good sight reporting with a big hanky on my face. I read some stories like this on Acne Bye Bye. I am surprise I passed those years.

My Acne Went on

Well those were the days; my acne went on from high school days to first 2 years of college. I seemed to get adjusted to it. It left also acne scars, I have a habit of pricking them. It was awful it erupts like a volcano spewing out the yellow pus. That is how I got these acne scars. I have always wondered, does accutane help with hormonal acne? That question would help me because I think I have hormonal acne.

So, my advice to those that is currently experiencing this dilemma it will pass and you will learn to adjust as you go along, I guess. It may leave a huge emotional mark on you, but you will adjust trust me.