Hybrid Form Validation & More

Automatically validated on the client and the server!

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Hybrid Form Validation

Formazing automatically validates your form data on both the client and the server. It's fast, easy, secure and easily configurable from the control panel.


Form Assistant

Our famous Form Assistant guides your user through your form. Show important field information, field requirements and total form progress. Your user will love it!


Anti-Spam Protection

Eliminate robots by using Formazings integrated anti-spam protection. It's easy to use, and in most cases the user only has to tick a checkbox!


Field Utilities

Date pickers, password strength meters, credit card visualization and more. Handy utilities that you can plug-in to your form with a single click of the mouse.



All frontend Formazing features such as the form validation, form assistant, field utilities and anti-spam protection are translated into multiple languages. Muy bien!


Intuitive control panel

All features are easily configurable with our intuitive control panel. Validation rules and field utilities are easily added with a drag-and-drop interface.

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AJAX Validation

Validate values on the server in real-time with the fully-featured Ajax component. Formazing can also do the same Ajax validation request on the server if you wish!

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FREE package!

Formazing offers a completely FREE package which is fully-featured, and offers you a generous 5,000 impressions per month!

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