Vaping my New Hobby

Many people consider vaping as a past time or as a hobby. It is a nice recreational activity that has an increasing popularity. Many people has choose  vaping over smoking. This is not only a relaxing hobby but it is healthier over smoking. Many are already ditching smoking over vaping.

Vaping can be done anywhere, it can be done in streets, in your own home, pubs, museum and other places. Prohibition doing this hobby is much is lesser than smoking. That is because of the fact that smoking has so many health risks that can come with it that it is being prohibited in many public places.

Vaping as a hobby that I chose gave me so much satisfaction. It was so gratifying that I can’t live with it anymore. I love it to the moon and back that it has been a center of my everyday life.

I experimented so many configuration of vaping and bought so many accessories that I have already quite a collection. I try everything that is new and test if I could settle with the taste. If I find it suitable for me I use it as as an upgrade to my existing vaporizers i already own.

I also visited informational vaping communities both online and offline also to further enhance the things I know. I visited also websites like, this site is so helpful for me. This site is great in reviewing vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The site also has a great way of comparing vaporizers. It was a great help in finding my first ever vaporizer and also to the future vaporizers that I want to purchase.

That ends my article on how vaping is my new hobby. Hope you like my article and see you on the next one. See ya!

My Acne Problem

Acne problem has been haunting me for years now. I am just a usual teenager, just another one that goes to school, attends class and goes back home, that has been my routine.

It affected my social skills.

My acne was close to severe that it affected me greatly. It affected my social skills, I am afraid having a conversation with someone for longer periods of time. I am also afraid of eye contact because I am so ashamed of my face. I tend to cut conversations short and goes away far from the conversation. I usually have a cap or hoodie to cover my face while I am out of the open or outside the house.

In school, I would skip gatherings and other get together cause of my acne. I am so afraid of walking the hallways because I am afraid to be seen by bullies. When at lunch I distance myself from everyone. I eat alone. I just jailed myself inside my room soaking myself in the internet using my brazzers free trial –

I want somebody as a friend or at least someone to talk to, but I am so affected by my acne that I tend to drive people away and refuse to connect with them. This acne is dragging me down, I want to be free from this and just to be normal teenager. I want to have friends and a peer to belong with.

I am so down.

I am so devastated, it is like I am carrying a big load that only I can carry. I consulted our school counselor. He told me that having acne is normal and it happens to almost everyone especially teenagers. He explained that while on puberty hormones are surging that it goes out and affect and can aggravate acne. Advised me also to visit wecananswerit for answers. He told me things to practice like washing my face with mild soap and towel dry them. He further added that I should eat healthy foods like veggies and fruits. He also advised that drinking a lot of water may help.

Since then, I have accepted a bit my condition and slowly started to fix my social life. Thanks to our school counselor, without him I would be still hanging on the balance tucked inside my shell and would not come out to socialize.

I Got Depression from Acne

I think my acne got me depressed, I am not quite sure though if there is a word “acne depression”. I must check that.

Getting back to my depression of some sort. I remember I sort to avoiding people even my relatives. It is like I have this dark cloud hanging over me wherever I go. Waking up every it gets heavier and heavier.

I remember staring at my acne infested face, I would question my self-worth. Why is this happening to me? It feels like having nice clothes, no matter how new they are or how fashionable they are. It seems no value on it whenever I wore it because of my acne. Staring blankly on the windows, thinking deep is a frequent happening. I remember even going out to run errands strikes fear, but I have no choice but to go out cause my parents would kill me if I will not do the chore.

Having someone with the same case would be a great help I thought to myself. But where shall I find this friend that I need, I am desperate. Having this kind of emotion is taking a toll on me. It seems that the only friend I have is my phone, at least I get to talk to anyone without seeing my face.

 It may be weird as it sounds but my phone was my best friend. At least my phone is here with me, ready for me whenever I need it.

Years had passed, that I have outgrown my emotions and got a hold of myself, I have also a realization that things like my acne is naturally occurs to anyone, especially when you are teenager. You just need to be strong and have a nice shoulder to lean on, whether it is a real person or a thing.

I am glad I have surpassed it and I owe it big time to my phone.

Yeah, my phone. Thanks for the companionship!

My Acne Experience

Having acne is bad. It affects your confidence. I remember when I was a teenager. Having an eruption is the worst day of the year. It is like the end of the world. I am afraid of going to school having it. I remember I wore something that will cover it like a hoodie or something. It affected my confidence greatly. I am afraid to go out and connect to others. I am afraid to make friends. I am afraid to have a face to face conversation, thinking that they will just stare at my acne all the way not concentrating on the things I say.

It had a domino effect on my life. I would miss dance parties, gathering and get together thinking that I am not good enough because I have acne. It affected my studies also. I remember it was dreadful to be called out for a recitation by your teacher. I can’t stand in front of the class for a long time because of low self-esteem, but I must cause I have to do reporting. I remember I would bring a hanky covering my face as I report. Yes, it is not a good sight reporting with a big hanky on my face. I read some stories like this on Acne Bye Bye. I am surprise I passed those years.

My Acne Went on

Well those were the days; my acne went on from high school days to first 2 years of college. I seemed to get adjusted to it. It left also acne scars, I have a habit of pricking them. It was awful it erupts like a volcano spewing out the yellow pus. That is how I got these acne scars. I have always wondered, does accutane help with hormonal acne? That question would help me because I think I have hormonal acne.

So, my advice to those that is currently experiencing this dilemma it will pass and you will learn to adjust as you go along, I guess. It may leave a huge emotional mark on you, but you will adjust trust me.